Our Risk Engineers have been involved in providing insurance inspections, underwriting survey reports, loss control & insurance surveys, property and public liability risk consulting, risk profiling, AS4801 safety auditing, claims investigation and expert witness services to the insurance, commercial, retail, construction, legal and hospitality industries for over 25 years. Contact us

If you have a difficult to place EPS sandwich panel risk – ask us about our comprehensive EPS panel inspection, risk managmnet and due diligence report – these can be more than just a fire risk!

Even after all the recent publicity and legislative changes we are still very concerned by the number of incidents occurring and subsequent claims being made against organisations dealing with the public on a regular basis. In these tough economic times we are starting to see an alarming rise in the number of incidents being reported and subsequent claims made. Many of these incidents can be prevented or claims mitigated by due diligence, effective risk management procedures and some basic physical and administrative controls.

Due to the “long tail” nature of liability claims, it is critical to maintain risk management vigilance and effective due diligence. Underwriters can be more willing to give better terms when they can see that effective loss prevention and mitigation strategies have been implemented and that plans are in place for continual improvement. We believe that a business that has had a few major losses is perhaps a better risk if they can show how much they have learned from the experience.

There are plenty of insurance surveyors who can provide a cheap, “tick n flick” report and a list of recommendations that create an illusion of risk managmnet but are tantamount to “rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic”. Good Underwriters these days place no real value in these reports. We like to focus on the Real Risks and believe that a positive organisational culture and due diligence are considerable more important than complicated administrative systems which can sometimes create an increased liability.

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Our services include:

  • Risk Profiling
  • Loss Control Surveys
  • Underwriting Reports
  • Hazard Inspections
  • Slip Resistance Testing
  • Procedures development
  • Incident Management & Investigation
  • AS4801 Safety System Audits
  • Asbestos Audits & Management Plans
  • BCA Compliance
  • Expert Witness
  • Cleaning & Security Verification Systems
  • Contractor Management & Auditing
  • Fire Life Safety Audits
  • Emergency Procedures Development
  • Fire Protection