risk score calculator 1To get your free copy of the electronic risk nomogram CLICK HERE

The risk assessment calculator is intended as a guide to identify level of risk. The risk score should be interpreted with caution.  It should only be used as a basis for reasoned judgment.

You can also download public liability, workplace safety and risk management tools from our risk resources site: Click Here


The "Risk Check-Up" – Our most popular service!

Cost effective, efficient, no frills, hassle free. Our Risk Engineers will visit your site and conduct a walk through accompanied by any relevant personnel including management and safety committee members. Along the way we identify and discuss potential hazards, risks to both people & property, non compliances, improvement opportunities and other relevant issues. Whilst on site we can also review any existing procedures, answer any queries,  help you with unsolved problems and identify gaps in your systems.

There are no written reports or recommendations (unless you request them) which usually account for a huge chunk of the cost of employing consultants. Many clients find this the perfect way to inject some life back into their safety committee meetings. Please contact us for more information.